New report from PwC, Crypto Valley Venture Capital and Cointelegraph highlights Blockchain technology in the art world

One of the Big Four audit firms, PwC and Swiss blockchain investment firm CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital), together with Cointelegraph, have published a preview of their new periodic report dedicated to blockchain technology in various industries.

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Published on July 21, the report provides an overview of the upcoming full launch with the leading global blockchain companies focused on implementing blockchain technology in the art world.

The report was written by PwC and CV VC, with contributions from PwC Switzerland and Nicolai Reinbold, manager of ecosystems and incubators at CV VC.

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As part of the upcoming full launch, the CV Labs ecosystem of, CV VC, will host an online panel to discuss the latest Bitcoin System developments in the art market driven by blockchain. The event is scheduled for August 12th, and will feature executives from the industry’s top startups, such as, 4ARTechnologies and

Blockchain technology is changing the art industry
As blockchain technology has spread rapidly across a large number of industries over the last few years, blockchain-based tools in the art industry have been around for some time.

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Reinbold says that the companies decided to cover the influence of this technology on the art world within their periodic global report because it is a very relevant topic at the moment and there is a lot of movement in the sector.

Niko Kipouros, CEO and founder of 4ARTechnologies, is confident in the solid opportunities of the use of blockchain within the art industry. By founding 4ARTechnologies in 2018, Kipouros believes that blockchain provides more transparency, security and efficiency in the processes of the entire art market:

„Technology is changing the way art is created and enjoyed. What remains unknown is how far we will take it? Without a doubt, we have to adapt and drive this effort for change.

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The next CV VC and PwC report is part of the companies‘ existing collaboration to cover the main blockchain projects. The companies have already issued a series of reports on the major companies within the blockchain ecosystem in Swiss Crypto Valley. Along with blockchain in the arts, the companies also cover issues such as brokers, crypto banks, crypto exchanges, custody providers, token issuing companies, venture capitalists in blockchain and many others.