The spanish footballer Gerard Piqué new advisor of Sorare

Through a press release sent out today by Sorare, we learn that the famous former soccer player Gerard Piqué will invest as much as 3 million euros in Sorare’s seed stage for a grand total of 7 million euros.

Sorare CEO Nicolas Julia explained:

„Gerard is not only one of the best defenders in the world, he is also an active entrepreneur and is redefining the sports and entertainment industry. The strategic advice and business acumen Gerard brings to our board is invaluable. I am delighted that he has joined our team to take full advantage of the online soccer fandom with Sorare.“

Sorare is a game that combines the digital and real worlds since the various competitions made with these digital cards are also influenced by the on-field performance of players in real league games, just like in fantasy soccer.

Each team on Sorare, however, is composed of 5 cards and not 11.

Remember that there are also different types of cards: the common ones are free and unlimited and allow anyone to play, but then we also find rare cards that are only in 100 copies, the super rare from just 10 copies total and finally we find the unique cards, in single copies, which are the rarest.

For example, the one of the player Neymar was even exchanged for 26 thousand dollars.

Gerard Piqué advisor of Sorare

The success of this platform is so great that Piqué himself has been involved in the project and will become strategic advisor of the project and join the board along with Christian Miele, co-founder Nicolas Julia, and co-founder Adrien Montfort.

By now there are already several teams that have embraced Sorare’s platform: Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Porto, Zenit and just recently Real Madrid and many others; in total there are 80 teams from 11 different countries, demonstrating that Sorare is not limited to big teams or just restricted to Europe.

Sorare represents a great opportunity for football clubs around the world to enter the blockchain sector like Bitcoin Hero and find new ways to better interact with fans who can then have their own stickers of their favorites in NFT (Non Fungible Token) format.

Gerard Piqué explained:

„I see huge potential in sports gaming in a digital economy where the attention of the public is the main value. I look forward to helping Sorare expand their partnerships with soccer leagues, clubs and players around the world to build the best fantasy soccer experience there is.“