What can I do to check my data use?

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to check your data usage on your phone or PC. Our team has helped more than 32 million people track their the usage of their data in their mobile devices.

1. Utilize apps to monitor your data use

GlassWire is a free application which specializes in tracking your usage of data. There’s a mobile version available for Android as well as the Desktop computer version that runs on Windows. Do you have your Android phone? Start by Install GlassWire on Android.

Use a PC? Windows guidelines are given below.

After installing the application, open the main menu to immediately see the amount of data you’re using. The menu on the left side of the screen to select various time periods such as “daily”. Tap a bar for a list of which apps are making use of your data. It is possible to go to the center “data plan” screen to make a plan and find out the amount of time you have left to your data limit at any point. GlassWire is the best mobile app for managing your data.

Do you need to monitor your PC?

If you’re looking to keep track of your desktop Windows data usage, you could try GlassWire to Windows software.

After GlassWire is installed, once GlassWire Windows is installed, open the menu at the top and select “usage”. It will show you which hosts and apps use your information.

Then, go to the upper left GlassWire menu and select “settings” then “data plan” to create an elaborate plan to keep the track of your data. and then be alerted prior to reviewing your plan.

It is then possible to visit the firewall page to block data wasteers and data consumption. Continue reading for additional suggestions to keep you under the limits of your data usage on mobile as well as ISP Internet internet traffic. Never again experience an Internet overage!

2. Find out how much data specific applications are making use of

Are you interested in the reason you’re always exceeding your data limit? GlassWire will show you which apps are accountable for the data usage you’ve been experiencing.

How can I monitor how much data I am using on Android? What is the best way to check the data usage statistics on Windows? With GlassWire it’s simple! Once you’ve installed GlassWire on Android and Windows navigate to the primary GlassWire screen to see which apps are making use of your data. The apps are listed in order of their data usage.

Click or tap on the app to determine which servers it’s communicating with. When you have identified the application using your data , remove it from the system, or block it by using GlassWire’s firewall.

One of our customers has recently wrote to us. She mentioned that she’d be over her ISP data limits every month and she also used the satellite Internet connection in a rural region.

After installing GlassWire she was able discover that a well-known video streaming application she was using had a bug known to the community and was downloading gigabytes of data every day to her computer and squeezing the limits of her data usage! The discovery of this issue led to saving thousands of dollars worth in excess charges.

3. Set a limit for data usage or an alert to your data plan

Are you interested in being alerted before you exceed your data limit on your mobile or ISP provider? It’s easy.

When GlassWire is installed, visit its screen to view the data plan.

For Android click the icon for data plan, and for Windows navigate to the menu at the top left and select “settings”. Then, you can set your plan and be alerted when you’re close to exceeding your limit of data. GlassWire’s application lets you know at all times the amount of data remaining per week, day or month.

The simple act of keeping an eye on your data every month could cost you hundreds!

4. Monitor real-time data usage

The GlassWire application makes it simple to see which app is using your data in real time. You can go to the top GlassWire screen to see which apps are transmitting and receiving data on your network.

This is an extremely beneficial feature, as it does not take long for a new application to consume a lot of data and increase your data limit!

5. Be aware of it immediately once an app starts to make use of your personal data

Sometimes, new apps could begin to use all your data in a matter of minutes following installation. GlassWire will notify you whenever an app that is new connects to the network.

6. You shouldn’t count specific apps toward your data limit

Many mobile service providers provide what’s known as “zero rated” apps. That means that when users use some popular apps such as Facebook, Youtube, or Netflix the apps will not contribute to the monthly allowance of data.

Select your “zero rated apps” under your data plan. They won’t be considered as data usage.

A few people think that applications that are not rated are unfair to competitors and that mobile service providers as well as ISPs should be able to have neutrality in their networks within the USA. I believe that those who think so are right!

Why should an application like Instagram have no limitations on data when a startup trying to compete isn’t? This puts the startup at an outlier and I don’t think it’s fair in any way.

It is important to note that our mobile app does not store any data , in case you’re curious. Read our privacy policies to learn more. We’re happy to be a track-free advertising-free business!

7. Stop apps from wasting your data

Have you come across an application which consumes a lot of data, but you don’t want to delete it? Maybe you’re using it to work, for instance… There’s an answer to this issue.

Go to GlassWire’s firewall page Then block the app that is responsible. It is then possible to unblock it whenever you want it to access data once more.

GlassWire will also stop apps that are newly installed before they start to waste your data. Turn on the option with the firewall screen by switching to turn on.

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